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Rigging objects using cranes is inherently dangerous. Gravity is a force that cannot be denied. Therefore, safety is assured only when using knowledgeable people that respect these challenges. Training, as well as experience, are the best hope for safe operating practices.

Northeast Crane Sales & Service, LLC has developed an intense safety program to assist in successfully running operations that lift objects all day, every day. Crane operators must understand their machine, but also must know how to work with riggers and signalmen. Of course, crane operators must be licensed, but they also need to be constantly trained and updated on safety issues.

What seems to be lacking in the safety chain is the signalmen and riggers that are guiding the operators in the lifting operation. Many trades have training in this important field but there is a serious shortage of experienced, well-trained people to coordinate lifting procedures in a safe manner.

Northeast Crane Sales & Service, LLC takes this problem seriously, because it compromises the entire safety chain. We have developed a comprehensive training course that is now available for all crane users. Our expert staff has developed an informative program that addresses successful rigging operations. We also offer crane operator training.

If your operation is in need of Northeast Crane Sales & Service's expertise, please inquire. There is no substitute for bonafide efforts to improve safety on the job site. With all parties involved in the process of safety, everyone wins.

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